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Concerns about the COVID-19 crisis have had a significant impact on our city and industry and conditions continue to change. Like so many of you, Cleaver Co has instituted a series of measures, in some cases developing new practices and in some cases expanding our existing practices, to insure the health and safety of our clients and staff. Here are some of the steps we're taking:

  • We are following the guidance of the WHO, CDC, and New York State and City governments and continue to follow local news and health websites to ensure we are staying on top of all recommended protocols
  • Any staff who exhibits any symptoms that are possibly related to COVID-19 OR who believes that they have come into contact with an infected person have been instructed not to come in to work but to follow CDC guidelines for self-quarantine, care, and testing. Thus far, we do not have any reason believe that any of our staff have been in contact with the virus but we remain vigilant.
  • All roles that can be performed remotely have been shifted to teleworking so that as many of our staff as possible can stay home and so that we're not contributing to rush hour congestion on the subways. Those team members whose jobs require them to be at our facility are limiting their work to fewer, longer days, commuting during non-peak hours, and utilizing alternate forms of transportation, such as walking, bike riding, or travel by a personal vehicle when possible.
  • We are washing our hands. Luckily, we're already in the habit of doing so! Members of our team each have their own songs to sing while washing their hands for 20 seconds - it can get a little discordant in the kitchen! We're also expanding our use of gloves to include not only our food handlers but all staff in public spaces, including event staff and drivers. As a company that strives for zero waste, this was a difficult call for us, but the immediate health of our community is our top concern right now.
  • We are continuing our regular deep cleanings of our kitchen facilities to ensure that even our most tucked away spots are getting sanitized after each use.
  • Through this crises we will be using our own Cleaver Co vehicle only, rather than utilizing rental trucks and car services as we sometimes do. This helps us ensure that the vehicle is accessed by a limited number of people and is cleaned regularly.
  • We're eating good, clean, healthy food - it won't cure COVID-19 but eating a diet of nourishing, sustainably grown, nutrient dense, and locally produced foods is a great way to keep you strength up any time of year!