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Green Table Farms is a NOFA certified farm in Washington County, NY.  Originally three dairy farms, the property was sold to a part-time farmer in 1980 who raised pigs, with most of the fields were in hay production. Mary Cleaver and her husband Ashley bought the farm in the fall of 2012 and have been working to restore and expand the infrastructure ever since.

With roughly 30 acres in cultivation, Green Table Farms produces organic vegetables, flowers, and a small amount of grain, which is used as feed for our pastured heritage breed poultry. The 2018 growing season, our fifth overall growing season, marked our first foray into pig farming, raising a variety of heritage breeds.

Our Certified Organic turkeys are now available to order for Thanksgiving 2019! Raised out on pasture at Green Table Farms and descended from Frank Reese's breeding stock, turkeys cost $10.00 per pound and are expected to be mostly between 12 - 14 pounds each.

Reserve your Thanksgiving Turkey here today!