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Our Mission

Our mission is to affect positive change by supporting a regional farm and food economy that fosters a pure food supply.  Cleaver Co is committed to improving quality of life for all by being part of the solution that will cultivate and preserve our earth’s remaining topsoil and other natural resources for the generations to come. We are actively involved in promoting the practice and politics of regenerative agriculture and food production by bringing the best possible ingredients to the table to create exquisite meals for our clients’ special events in concert with with superb production and thoughtful service.

Our Vision

Cleaver Co is a catering and event-planning business dedicated to creating and producing high quality events for our private, non-profit, and corporate clients, while striving to improve the food supply. Since we started cooking almost 40 years ago, Cleaver Co has been committed to supporting a regional farm and food economy.  In order to provide the absolute tastiest and life giving food for each and every event we create, the genesis of the food is critical. We are committed to regenerative agriculture and source the best ingredients to create healthy, beautiful, sumptuous and regionally-focused seasonal fare with inspiration drawn from many different cuisines of the world. Our organic raw materials come from local family farms - including our own Green Table Farms in Washington County - producers and fisheries, and are fished and farmed using ecologically healthy practices.

Our clients receive conscientious individual attention from our planners and each event is produced with tremendous care and focus.  Our wait staff is recognized as a leader in the New York City area for excellence in service and is a key marketing arm of Cleaver Co.

We also operate two food and beverage kiosks during the 6 warmer months of the year at The Battery in partnership with The Battery Conservancy, bringing a local focus to concession-style food and drink. The Green Table, a farm-to-table restaurant in the Chelsea Market, where guests enjoyed delicious dishes demonstrating a commitment to seasonal cuisine, operated from 2003 until August 2018. We also operated Cleaver Counter, a casual dining pop-up in Chelsea Market in 2018. The Green Bottle, a bar with a sustainable menu of beverages and snacks, is scheduled to open at our Columbia Street Waterfront District headquarters later in 2020.

Cleaver Co is recognized by the Slow Food NYC “Snail of Approval” program indicating our efforts toward building a “good, clean and fair” food system and was named the Manhattan Chamber of Commerce Green Business of the Year in 2015. We are committed to the good food movement and maintain a large portfolio of pro-bono work and donations aimed at organizations working on food systems change, regenerative agriculture, public policy and children’s food education.

B Corp Certification

We're proud to be the first catering company to be certified as a B Corp.

Certified B Corporations are businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose. We subscribe to the idea of a triple bottom line. We consider the impact of our business decisions on people and planet, as well as profit.

Learn more about B Corps on their website.