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Over many years I have studied Mary’s deep and refined sense of hospitality and her understanding of how to channel that through to a specific occasion. Planning the wedding with Mary and Emma has been a master class in that. I want to thank each of you from the bottom of my heart for your help in making the wedding weekend so beautiful. Everything was delicious, elegantly presented and served with great warmth and thoughtful attention. The meticulous care and graciousness you showed at every point in the project was a huge part of helping us realize the dream: to create a wedding that would truly embody S. and G.’s love for one another and for their family and friends.

Mother of the Bride

Half-way through the meal last night the very sophisticated man sitting next to me turned and said, "My gosh, this is better than Per Se."  That about sums it up, the food was perfect.  The pickiest eater in the group asked for two deserts because she was so smitten with the roasted grapes.  And it always astonishes me how your team, in the face of long drives, wind, rain and all sorts of difficult logistics, maintains their good cheer and professionalism.

Private Client

Thank you all for doing your part to make our night on Saturday absolutely 100% PERFECT. The food was SO delicious and beautiful. Everyone really enjoyed it, and we have been snacking on the leftovers all weekend. All of the staff were so professional - no surprise there - at every moment they were helpful, thoughtful and friendly. The flowers were just stunning - truly my ideal bouquet - I’m hanging a bunch of them to dry so that I can keep them forever!

I knew you were going to do a fantastic job and yet you still managed to exceed my expectations in every way. So, all I can say is thank you x a million.

Wedding Client

The party was just as we hoped – and, even better, we slipped in and out of the venue without having to do a stitch of work. The food was delicious and won rave reviews, and the staff was inconspicuous yet attentive, always there when you wanted. How do you and they do it?

Private Client

Another triumph for Cleaver Co! The dinner was absolutely spectacular and was as wonderful as you said it would be. Everyone at my table could not stop talking about how delicious the food was; in fact, they had genuine looks of surprise because I don't think anyone was expecting such tasty, fresh food at a dinner for 300. I will think about the duck confit for a long time to come.

Architectural League

We just wanted to say thank you for helping to make our wedding so delicious! Food was one of the most important things to us in the planning process, and every single thing we ate last night exceeded our (high) expectations. Our guests felt the same way - we received so many complements on the quality of the food and drink as well as the level of service provided. From the basil smash to the tamales and lobster rolls to the bass and short ribs to the s'mores and cake, everyone thoroughly enjoyed each bite (and was nearly swooning over the lamb skewers). Andrea was wonderful and incredibly attentive, as was the entire team - please extend our thanks to them as well for making sure the evening ran so smoothly.

Wedding Client

I've organized tons of events and I know that a great party is marked by never knowing the team was working: things just work. And that's exactly how it was. My glass was always filled, the plates just arrived at the perfect time, and at the end of the night our apartment was magically restored to its pre-party condition. Thanks, Mary. You run a special company. 

Private Client

I wanted to thank you for the party last night. Your team did a wonderful job! I was so impressed with the Cleaver Co. from the very first time we spoke and even more so last night. Your staff was extremely professional and organized, everything was done exactly as we had discussed, and the food was delicious! All our guests were raving about the food and the service. My husband and I are so glad we chose you and we will definitely contact you again in the future.

Private Client

It was so fabulous last night and we thank you for making everything so perfect! People raved about the food and the service was flawless. Hats off to Mary and everyone at The Cleaver Company!

Private Client

I did not want another minute to go by without saying thank you for all you did to make this morning the success that it was! The food was beautiful and delicious, the service perfect and, almost most important to me as you have come to know, I had utter trust in you and your team to deliver a seamless production…It was an absolute pleasure to work with you.

White Ribbon Alliance

I wanted to reiterate how much we loved everything The Cleaver Co. put together for our event last night. Please know that the food was delicious, the staff was extremely attentive and the floral arrangements were beautiful! Thank you so much for working with us on such a lovely evening.

Manhattan Media

I wanted to offer a heartfelt thank you to you and your team…The event was terrific. Thank you so much for making us and our guests feel so welcome. The delicious food and attentive staff from all quarters were a big part of the evening's success.


Thank you for providing tremendous food and service for the EdGrowth Summit.  We had a lot of rave reviews about the food! I'm a big believer that a caterer helps set the overall tenor for an event and knowing we are going to have fresh, good tasting eats for our attendees relieves a lot of the stress.  You and your whole team are such a pleasure to work with.


Everything you and Cleaver Co did for us on Saturday was over the top superb, and we could not have been happier! Everything was delicious and our guests were raving! We also really appreciated all your special help and attention to detail; helping us stay on schedule, bringing food to my suite, and getting plates for us. And a really big shout out to Ron! He was the absolute best shadow a bride could have asked for.

We also really appreciate how you went above and beyond to incorporate our family's produce in the food. That was really special and something we will always remember.

I cannot sing your praises enough!

Wedding Client